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Boy Shorts Swim Wear: Do They Make You Hot or Not?

Over the last few seasons, boy shorts swimsuits have seen an increase in popularity on the beaches and around pools. Quite a few conservative females try them, having bought into the pitch “that the boy short works for anyone and that these types of swimsuits conceal your imperfections”. This often results in some major fashion don’ts rather than do’s.

This sort of bathing suits was distinctively designed for women who have narrow hips, low riding waistlines, and long legs, or in a nutshell, Barbie dolls. They’re designed in such a way so to attract attention to the wearer, and in particular the area where it is worn. The leg openings haven’t any elastic lining similar to the lingerie cuts, permitting uncontrolled creeping if you do not have the figure. To the body conscious person, they might appear to be more conservative and modest, however their effect on the male species is the exact opposite.

Males are more often impacted by what’s hidden, not visible, and hot pants and boy style shorts display sufficient flesh to get the imaginations going.

So to guys you donning a pair of these will definitely enhance your sex appeal, however it could also back fire on you.

When compared on a one on one basis, boy style bathing suits is the same as hot pants. So if you think hot pants are modest, then yes, boy style shorts are modest.

When viewing a picture of a woman wearing tight, appealing pants, the eye would be attracted to the pants first before noting the rest of the body. So trying to disguise flaws in something which can get instant interest is… let’s just say not a good idea. It’s like putting a signboard up with blinking arrows.

Due to their cut, if you  have somewhat larger thighs, they’ll ride up your leg, and you’ll continuously have to pull them down to prevent them from bunching. Boy swim shorts are also snug fitting and won’t hide your bulges or bumps at all. Mostly because a males’ interest or eyes will be drawn to the shorts, so if it wobbles you’ve had your chance.. They’re not well suited for an individual who’s not comfortable with wearing skimpy bikini bottoms, or who’s aware of her voluptuous rear while on the beach. Rather, get a skirted bikini or a skirtini for that matter, and direct the attention somewhere else utilizing color and pattern. For a boy, shorts will attract focus on your thighs first, no matter what color you pick.

These pants were originally  designed for taller ladies, to create a definite horizontal line to break up their length. So if you’re average to short in length these pants will break up your silhouette and make you look shorter.  Even with slim hips and thighs, they can cause you to look short. They are not really more conventional, and the low waistline cut won’t stretch out your torso if you are short.

It requires guts to wear such a provocative outfit, particularly once you’re aware of where the interest will be attracted first. Boy style swim wear shouts sex and sex appeal. Why else do you think the designers of Tom Rader would have put their chick in hot pants? She was their quintessential dream babe, rough with sex appeal to boot.

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